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Nutrition-focused performance planning

At endur8 we empower endurance athletes of all standards to optimise their nutritional intake, leaving them free to focus on performance

How endur8 works

  • Create your athlete profile including age, weight and gender
  • Enter your sport
  • Upload or design your own route
  • Add your nutritional preferences
  • Receive live fuelling point alerts unique to you and your route

endur8 manages your refuelling

Use endur8 to boost your training and refine your race performance. endur8 will calculate key refuelling points along any course during your training and competition. endur8 ensures that you refuel at the optimal times during endurance exercise and competition events.

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endur8 alerts athletes to take on fuel during training and competition. It uses a science-backed formula to calculate each athlete’s unique refuelling needs. endur8 works alongside existing performance monitoring apps.

RunningRun with endur8 RunningRide with endur8 RunningTri with endur8

Run with endur8

Receive alerts whilst on the run to take on fuel as you race or train. endur8 simplifies the refuelling process, leaving you free to focus on your race performance and running technique.

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Upload your training route and access your race or event course.

Ride with endur8

Focus on your power output and hydration, endur8 will tell you when you need fuel to avoid performance dips.

Tri with endur8

Ensure you have the stamina for all forms of endurance training by optimising your fuel intake. endur8 helps you fight off fatigue and control your energy levels along the entire route of your course.

Free V's Premium

Choose your plan:

The Every Athlete – Plan your events for FREE. Calculate your nutritional needs and receive ‘in event’ alerts at the optimum time to refuel during your race.

Nutrition Planner – Upload Training routes and nutrition alerts for every training session for just £8.49 per quarter or £24.99 per year.


If you are a coach and would like to list your details on our app for just £9.99 per month, contact us.


Your Fuelling by Numbers

endur8 alerts endurance athletes to the need to take on fuel during training sessions or race events lasting 90 minutes or longer. The user enters their profile data, their planned route and their estimated duration on to the endur8 portal. This information is then calculated to determine the exact refuelling points and the athlete is …

What does 30g of carbs look like?

endur8 uses a widely acknowledged, scientifically devised ratio for carbohydrate-t-bodyweight* that’s the optimum for endurance athletes to replenish their fuel levels.   Since your body can only store enough carbohydrate for up to 90-120 minutes you will need to consume up to 60-90g of carbohydrate per hour during prolonged exercise (over 90 minutes) to keep …

No Half Measures

Proper hydration during endurance training and events is crucial to maintaining your performance – endur8 can play a vital role in ensuring this occurs Research (1) carried out among elite endurance athletes shows that performance-crippling dehydration could occur for a number of reasons during training or events, including a poor drinking strategy and a failure …

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Upload your training route and access your race or event course